Edwin Coldwell’s Autobiography

Edwin Coldwell 1907 to 1990     See in Family Tree

1935 Mum Dad Wedding with Wilfred
1935 Mum and Dad Wedding

Charming personal stories written by my father who was from a typical working class family in the Huddersfield area at the height of the successful textile industry. The broad lapelled suit he is wearing is made from the famous worsted cloth manufactured in the area. Father became a respected worsted cloth designer and Mary a well known embroiderer. Some aspects of these tales are personal to the family but in the interests of historical accuracy I thought it was worth publishing unabridged to give a better flavour of family life at the time. Hand written by Edwin in the copperplate writing all children were taught to do at that time. There are minimal errors reflecting the “get it right first time” approach – an aspect of their 3R’s teaching.

1987 Edwin's birthday treat - Settle/Carlise line by steam
Edwin’s 80th birthday treat – Settle/Carlisie line by steam








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Hudersfield Tech (Edwin taught here)
Huddersfield Technical College where Edwin was a student and teacher c. 1925













Painting of Huddersfield trolly bus and church
Huddersfield Parish Church and Trolley Bus c. 1940

Lockwood by Spencer 1948