Huskar Pit and Bulla Hall Deeds


Huskar memorial mod 2a
Memorial in Silkstone Graveyard with stern warning.

These papers are of interest in trying to determine the reason why Jonas Clarke named his son Robert Coldwell Clarke (sometimes Robert Couldwell Clarke). Why Coldwell? Robert was the owner of Huskar Pit (coal mine) at the time of the pit disaster in 1838 in which 26 young children died. Robert lived at Noblethorpe Hall, Silkstone which is adjacent to the Bulla Hall farm which the Coldwell family occupied around that time.

The connection has not yet been established.

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Silkstone Clarke of Noblethorpe Hall 1856 deeds

Silkstone Bulla Hall deeds _ R C Clarke

Huskar Memorial Window
Silkstone church memorial window with Children’s names



Memorial to the 26 Children who died