Ploughman’s Vindication 1646 (Church of St Helen, Treeton Village)


The ploughmans vindication or A confutation of some passages preached in divers sermons by Sherland Adams sometimes minister of Treeton in the county of Yorke. In which sermons he uttered much bitternesse of spirit against all those that sided with the Parliament; as also cherishing the malignant party, and much animating them to persist in their bloody Designs. herein also is shewed the lawfulnesse of informing against all such incendiaries; and the judgements threatned in holy Scripture against such as know and do not reveal their wickednesse. Together with XII quaeries whether the said Adams (or any such ceremonious priest) be a minister of God, yes or no?

1646 Poughmans Vindication

Treeton St Helens Church
St Helens Church, Treeton



Ministers: Thomas Birkbeck, Thomas Robson, Robert Towson, John Hoyland, Edward Poole

Captains: Henry Westby, William Blith

Collectors: John Ellice, Will. Stamforth

Sequestrators: John Dale, Edw. Sanderson, James Creswick, John Crooke, John Hoyland

Thomas Spadman, Edward Barlow, William Starkey, Nicholas Spademan, John Latham, William Spencer, Garvase Lee, Charles Barlow, Edward Creswick. Edward Heape, Nicholas Hicke, John Hawker, William Bell, Francis Dalle, Robert Bot, John Grant, George Ardron, Christopher Birks, Edward Cuts, John Bate, John Couldwell, Francis Barlow, Thomas Britland, George Oxspring, James Ardron, John Capper, Robert Owdalle, Richard Taylor, William Shaw, Clement Rosinton.

I can truly certify that these parties are religiously disposed and well affected. John Bright.

Master Adams his demeanours are not so well known unto me, as the persons that have subscribed this Certificat, That the said persons in number 40 are all of them religiously disposed, and well affected is known

By me Edward Gill, Sheffeild Castle;, Aug.17.1645;.

John Bright before mentioned, is a Collonel of Foot, and Governour of Yorke.

Edward Gill before mentioned is a Captaine, and hath the government of Sheffeld Castle.