3200 years Sequoia
Man at base and one near top of 3200 year old Sequoia

I am very grateful to the many members of the Guild of One-Name Studies who over the past 30 years have given me much help and encouragement to find that person hidden at the top of my large tree. In particular I am indebted to all the committee members, post holders and members who have freely given their expert advice via the many channels of benefits available to Guild members.

Dr George Redmonds has written many relevant books and provided much of the early history of the Coldwell family and the names and places as indicated on the relevant pages.

More recently I have been pleased with the help I have received from the Forum for the database program “Family Historian” which generates the GEDCOM file used to provide the data to populate the Family Trees created by the program “The Next Generation” as used on this website. Family Historian is an excellent tool to use to reconstruct family trees from the BMD data obtained from the many genealogical internet sites and other sources. I use Excel as a tool for initial storage of basic data.

I am particularly grateful for the Guild initiative to provide a long term Guild free hosting service for member’s one-name studies, as used by this website, with a commitment to continue to host the websites as “legacy studies” after a member retires from the Guild. This makes the site readily accessible to the public even long after the researcher retires thereby providing an opportunity for another researcher to assess the work and possibly adopt the study.

I am indebted to the historian and school friend David Hey for his many books providing useful background information relevant to the lives of the Coldwell people. Sadly David passed away during the publication of his last book “The Grass Roots of English History” publisher Bloomsbury 2016.



I have had considerable help in setting up this website from Jane Taubman whose expertise and support with the programs Family Historian, WordPress and TNG (The Next Generation) has been invaluable. I am now finding WordPress an easy to use tool for updating the website.