Study Project



My father Edwin Coldwell was distraught following my mother’s untimely death from cancer in 1980. Mother’s name was Mary (nee Bower). The study was started by me, John K Coldwell, shortly afterwards partly as a distraction for father and partly because we were interested in our own family history. Father provided considerable help on the study work until his death in 1990 despite having difficulty reading archive material with his one eye. Since starting the study 36 years ago it has become my major hobby and I have spent a large amount of my spare time on the research and recording of the data. During the study I extended the scope from my family history to a One Name Study and joined the Guild of One-Name Studies member 2172.

During the course of the study research methods have seen a vast change starting with paper records and data gleaned from hard to read and often un-indexed archives in the 80’s through to today where much of the work can be undertaken using a computer and the internet to access the many on-line sources of data although great care is needed to avoid errors. All study data is now saved in computer files (I use Microsoft Excel extensively for this purpose). All relevant paper records have been scanned and are now stored in computer files and backed up to the cloud in Dropbox.

The Coldwell One Name Study: ONS


Today in 2016 the study includes a considerable amount of work on people born in England, some in Canada and a little in USA and Australia. There are now 17,000+ names in the database grouped in families ranging in size from a large number of descendants of a progenitor down to unattached individuals. Study work continues……



My ONS Study Material

1. This website.

2. Pre-processing and management of data is carried out in “Microsoft Excel” and occasionally in “Word”. Basic Data files are all saved in Dropbox.

3. The “Family Historian” program produced by Calico Pie is my database program. My Family Historian data files which contain my ONS data and are currently contained in folder Dropbox\Family Historian Projects\.

4. Book collection as cataloged in Dropbox\Android\Book collection.xls. The books are currently in bookcases located in London.

5. Computer and Screen used for the ONS (currently an HP laptop ZBook).

6. A GEDCOM file (basically the full database for this study) produced by Family Historian is contained in Dropbox\Family Historian Projects\JKC Family History folder.

Future Work

Continue transferring more new Coldwell etc. surname data from the collections currently available on my computer and the ever increasing long list of data sources available on the internet into the Family Historian database. A list of specialist websites is given below which also need to be reviewed and I am sure more will arrive in the future. Family reconstruction techniques (i.e. associate the new individual with any ancestors or descendants already in the database using the facilities available in Family Historian) will then be used. Thence via GEDCOM to this website. This task is so large I doubt if it will ever approach “complete”.

Continue with the worldwide study initially extending the existing study of USA and Canada Coldwell families and their links back to the UK.

Advance the Coldwell DNA study

Next step: complete checking of Yorkshire parish marriage registrations.


A small mixed bag of URLs worth checking for Coldwell

Mostly gleaned from the One-Name Guild forum. There are thousands more relevant URLs to be found by searching the internet – this is just a taster.

Not yet checked for Coldwell content.

  1. 1939 Household Finder
  2. Ancestry Americans Died Aboard
  3. Ancestry British Subjects Overseas
  4. Ancestry Insider Searches
  5. Ancestry Yorkshire Probate
  6. Ancestry Yorkshire Qtr Session
  7.  Ancestry Yorkshire RC Oaths
  8. Athletes
  9. Australian Newspapers
  10. British Newspaper Archive
  11. British Parliament History
  12. British Settlers in Argentine
  13. British Slave Ownership
  14. Calderdale History
  15. Calderdale WW1
  16. Cambridge Alumni
  17. Canadian County Atlas
  18. Canadian Navy List
  19. Caro Library
  20. Church Times Archive
  21. Circus Archive
  22. Cricket Archive
  23. Englands Immigrants
  24. Fairground Archive
  25. Family Deeds
  26. FMP Absent Voters
  27. FMP List of Records
  28. FMP Yorkshire Bishop’s Transcripts
  29. FMP Yorkshire Parish Registers
  30. GenealogyInTime Magazine
  31. GenealogyInTime Top Sites
  32. Google Newspapers
  33. HMAS Sydney Memorial
  34. Inquisitions Post Mortum
  35. Irish Archives
  36. Irish WW1 Veterans
  37. Legacy Obituaries
  38. New Zealand Cemetary Records
  39. Newspaper Snippets
  40. Old Newspapers
  41. On-Line Libraries
  42. Parliamentary Map Search
  43. Parliamentary Protestation Returns
  44. PoW in WW1
  45. Royal Navy WW1
  46. Sculptors
  47. Search Historical Newspapers
  48. Search Newspapers
  49. South Australian Genealogy
  50. Steamship Passenger Lists
  51. Surname Meanings (valid?)
  52. Surnames Americanized
  53. The Ancestor Hunt
  54. TNA Archival Databases
  55. NA Manorial Register
  56. UK North East war memorials
  57. War Grave Photos
  58. War Memorials