The Coldwell/Couldwell DNA Project welcomes all participants. We encourage you to join today!

The project covers surnames Coldwell, Couldwell, Coldhill, Coudell, Cowdell and Cowdill and started in 2013. We expect it to lead to many exciting discoveries.

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The Coldwell/Couldwell Surname Project uses historical documents (e.g. parish and civil registration records) to collect information to create family trees, branches,…twigs and leaves for all people dead or alive with the Coldwell surname (as shown in the “Tree” section on this website). Some living members have been included to show which tree they belong to but will be removed on request. This site provides the study results up to 2013 and further surname research is on-going. For a brief explanation of the Coldwell surname study see:

Limited, inaccurate or mis-transcribed historical information occasionally means that the ancestral connection between different trees and between trees and branches etc. cannot be found or is incorrect. Sometimes researchers hit a “brick wall” and cannot find a key individual.

The purpose of the Coldwell/Couldwell DNA project is to complement the surname study to help resolve some of the unknowns and provide more information on the family not available in documents. The exclusive Y chromosome DNA is passed on from father to son virtually unchanged over many generations and usually follows the same ancestral line as the surname. The Y-DNA test looks at a number of markers on the Y-chromosome. The more markers that match, the closer is the relationship. Sometimes it is possible to determine which branch of the family tree the person belongs to as some markers are specific to some lineages. The Y-DNA test can also sometimes help to identify the biological surname in cases where the link with the Y-chromosome and the surname has been broken (for example, because of a name change, illegitimacy or adoption)

As the DNA project progresses, the results will provide information about the distribution and evolution of the surname and possibly confirm the geographical origin(s) of the surname. See the video below for more information on DNA testing.

Note. Females do not carry Y-DNA. It is suggested that females who would like to check their direct paternal line should where possible encourage a male relative (e.g father, brother or cousin) to do the Y-DNA test on their behalf.

Males should order the Y-DNA test from FTDNA for 37 markers and join the Coldwell/Couldwell DNA project. Order your test kit today or visit the web site shown above for more information and ordering details. If in doubt about what to order or any other project matter please contact the project administrator at