Winged Words


Canon Charles Augustus Hulbert MA

In 1880 Canon Hulbert wrote in his introduction to his book “Annals of the church of Almondbury“:

“Although the following work is scarcely likely to enlist the interest and sympathies of many who are not familiar with the scenes which it describes, or the leading particulars of the facts which it relates; yet as “winged words” travel in space and linger long in time, it may well be to premise that ALMONDBURY is the name of a large parish in the West Riding of Yorkshire, containing 13 townships and occupying a series of hills as a spur of the Pennine Range, which runs along the western side of England from Cumberland to North Wales; but not so precipitous as the mountains of either extremity of the lands of Cymri*; whither the ancient Britons retreated before the Romans and Saxons”.    

[*now spelt Cymru]

Winged Tree JKC

In the Iliad and the Odyssey Homer uses the phrase “ἔπεα πτερόεντα προσηύδα”– literally translated as “he/she spoke forth winged words” – making it one of the most common of the poet’s repeated, formulaic phrases. I hope that this website maintains Hulbert’s prophetic “Winged Words”. They certainly travel in space and with the help of the internet service provider will linger long in time.


[Note that the region covered by Holmfirth, the origin of the Coldwell family, was split between the parishes of Almondbury and Kirkburton]